Friday, February 12, 2016

6th Grade Art is coming to an end

Sad but true, it is almost time for my 6th grade students to move on to a new Discovery Class.
It has been a great 12 weeks even with the kiln breaking and having to pause our
ceramics unit right in the middle!
We have been firing and glazing and firing again.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Food Drive for St. Vincent De Paul

RVMS art students were asked to create posters for the
St. Vinent de Paul Food Drive in Marion County.
Although we had a little bit of a late notice, 
the 6th grade art classes really buckled down and created some very colorful
The Food Drive ends Wednesday November 25th. Donations can be dropped off at Mathews or McDaniels Car Dealers!
The posters were delivered to the Marion Public Library! Please stop by and see those that are displayed!



Monday, October 12, 2015

Oldenburg Inspired Food Sculptures

We began building bases for our food sculptures out of recycled cardboard and newspaper.
Once the base was built the paper mache mess began!
Original ideas quickly changed as the paper mache evolved over the bases. 
Once the paper mache was dry, painting began. 

Sushi Painting

Chinese Carry out!

Happy Banana Smiles

My favorite lunch! Chipotle! All pieces hand built.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's Important in a Poster?

After learning about what makes a great poster, all RVMS 8th graders designed a poster
for the United States Power Squadron Annual Poster Contest.
Students were required to complete their posters on a 15"x20" piece of paper; One of their biggest projects to complete yet.
Students also had to have a graphic that conveyed their intended message!
They did great!
Just a sneak peek of a few entries...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Graffiti On the Walls!

We are off to great start in the RVMS Art Room!
After discussing the difference between Graffiti and Street Art, students began
to Graffiti their Names or favorite words!
(No worries, all art was created on paper!)

Almost complete!


      Rough draft complete, on to the final!

Guess who?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Welcome Back to RVMS Art 2015-2016

Welcome Back!
All 8th grade students will need a spiral bound sketchbook or a folder with plain white paper. If you are interested in buying a sketch book, Hobby Lobby usually has a weekly 40% off coupon! Makes it cheaper than buying at WalMart!
Below is what we will cover the first day!

Welcome Back!
8th grade Art

Twitter account:
only for students and parents

Will have helpful hints and assignments

You will have art for only 12 weeks. The trimester will end in November. In that time we will complete many art experiences.
But, and it is a big BUT, you have to be on task with me!
There will beat least 3 big long term projects as well as several shorter projects.
You will be expected to have a sketchbook or an alternate folder or work.

Classroom needs: 
Everyday: Pencil!!!!!!!
Your sketchbook
and your Agenda Book (Even in 9th period!)
Projects due dates will be posted on the side board. Plenty of time will be given to complete a project or assignment.
Projects and assignments will lose 10% everyday that they are late.
Something is better than nothing! Remember this!

Will be given!

There will be no warning for throwing things, it is an automatic yellow. You are only here for 40 minutes, you can refrain from throwing!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rain Barrel Fun!

We have painted all kinds of things this year in the RVMS ArtRoom! We care currently painting 4 different rain barrels for the NOW (Northern Olentangy Watershed) Festival June 20th

The barrels will be raffled off on the 20th in Mingo Park during the festival.